Something brilliant from the sea, Chitosan

The sustainable active ingredientfor skin & hair care

Hydamer™ protects and styles

Nature had a light touch when it shaped the outer beauty of the chitin shell. Though plain and simple in appearance, the material is truly one of nature’s masterpieces. Not only does the hard shell protect against wind and weather, it is also extraordinarily flexible and extremely adaptable.

Skin is another of nature’s masterpieces, remaining soft and smooth, firm and supple throughout youth. But life takes its toll, and passing years are generally written on the skin.

Nature provides beauty, but only limited resistance to environmental influences. Now Chitinor’s Chitosans pick up where nature leaves off. This multifaceted biopolymer of marine origin protects and cares for the skin, it is highly skin-compatible, styles hair without stickiness and is gentle on the environment. Not just any Chitosan will do. Raw materials should always be from a single source and processed with advanced techniques in order to achieve the consistent high quality of the Hydamer™ range of different Chitosan products – perfectly in line with the exacting demands of the cosmetic industry.