Skin Care

Our film-sensation: Special effects for every skin

The idea is ingeniously simple: A fine, natural film prevents loss of moisture and elasticity. Thanks to a high molecular bioplolymer taken from the marine world.  This brilliant active ingredient, Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP with a molecular weight of up to five million g/mol, protects the face and body with a film whose soothing effects can truly be felt. Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP also stands out thanks to its excellent skin compatibility.


  • Film-formation (non-occlusive), substantivity
  • Increase of water binding capacity
  • Increase of water resistance of UV-filters
  • Increase of skin flexibility, elasticity, smoothness
  • Improvement of sensory parameters
  • Reduction of skin irritation


  • Protective layer formation
  • Moisturizer effect, firming of the skin
  • Improved sun protection
  • Softness, suppleness
  • Skin sensation
  • Skin compatibility

Protection against moisture loss

Studies of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) have shown that Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP offers the same outstanding moisturizing performance as hyaluronic acid and native collagen.

Soft and Smooth

Suppleness of the skin is determined by measuring torsion, as a function of deformation. Areas of skin treated with a placebo formulation exhibit high torsion values, indicating reduced elasticity. This test result correlates with TEWL findings. Increased water loss causes the skin to dry out; it becomes rougher, losing flexibility and suppleness. When Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP is added to the formula, torsion values are reduced. Skin treated with Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP becomes noticeably softer and around 80 %smoother than untreated skin.

Sensory parameters

The findings of in-vitro studies regarding moisture binding capacity and elasticity are unequivocal.The formulation with Hydamer™ CMF obtained the best results in a panel test of the following assessment criteria:

  • – Application properties
  • – Distribution
  • – Penetration properties
  • – Perceptible, long term enhancement of skin sensation

Skin compatible and non-irritating

Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP are substances of extreme purity offering excellent skin compatibility performance. In a human patch test conducted under occlusive conditions, the formulation containing Chitosan substantially reduced skin reactions. Hydamer™ CMF/ CMFP can be added to cosmetic products to improve dermatological compatibility and contributes to the product’s safety.

Safety in Sun Protection

As a cationic, substantive biopolymer, Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP increases the water resistance of sunscreens. After being rinsed with water, the formulation containing Hydamer™ CMF shows 74% water resistance, some 17 % higher than the value for the placebo. The high molecular weight Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP film protects the skin against moisture loss and improves UV filter adhesion.The filter is more difficult to rinse off, so sweat and water have no effect. This level of performance makes Hydamer ™ CMF/CMFP especially suited to water-proof concepts.