Hair Care

Hair Care Managing Factor: For perfect styling and healthy hair

In many cultures, hair is regarded as a symbol of strength. But often enough,  it could use more strength of its own.  Not only can hair be left dry,  dull and split by environmental influences – it also needs extra help to keep its shape. Hydamer™ HCMF gives hair the additional strength it needs, coating individual strands with a flexible,  homogeneous, non-flaking film for perfect styling and protection from external influences. This all-in-one product for shape, protection and care opens up a whole new dimension in styling. The results are excellent in terms of appearance and feel: shiny hair, healthy ends, perfect shape and hold.


  • Formation of flexible, homogeneous, crack free film at low concentrations
  • Hair does not stick together
  • Easily washed out
  • Low sensitivity to atmospheric moisture
  • Reduced electrostatic charge
  • Protective film, hair fibers do not dry out
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Readily biodegradable


  • Styling without “dandruff effect”, hold and elasticity without added heaviness
  • Natural, flexible hold without stickiness
  • No build-up effect
  • All-weather styling product
  • Reduced fly-away effect
  • No broken hairs, no split ends
  • Care for the scalp
  • Environmentally friendly

Bounce and Elasticity

Coated with Hydamer™ HCMF’s protective layer, hair has added bounce and elasticity you can both see and feel. These properties are confirmed by the results of objective test methods. Products that improve bounce are characterized by an ability to increase the initial amplitude and the elongation work as well as the oscillation frequency and damping values.

Styling without Flaking

Hydamer™ HCMF and PVP/VA copolymers both form films of comparable hardness after drying. However, varying properties can be observed in these films. While cracks develop in PVP/VA films during drying, Hydamer™ HCMF forms a homogeneous, stress-free film: There is no visible difference in its performance even after 10 times combing.

Homogeneous films offer the following benefits:

  • No peeling or flaking of the filmforming substance, and thus no visible “ dandruff effect”, just increased film
  • Longevity
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Less environmental odor absorption
  • Hair gloss
  • Anti-Frizz

Crack formation in PVP/VA films can ecounteracted by adding small amounts of Hydamer™ HCMF. A mixing ratio of 1:0.05 is  sufficient to bring about a considerable reduction in crack formation. A mixing ratio of 1:0.1 results in films that are absolutely homogeneous and dry without cracking. Hydamer™ HCMF enhances film elasticity and prevents polymer films from drying out and cracking.